MAFAT Challenge

The Israeli Ministry of Defense Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) is excited to announce the launch of the “MAFAT challenge” - a series of prize competitions in the field of Data Science that are fully open to the general public, academic and industry sectors.

The goal of the challenge is to explore the potential of advanced data science methods to improve and enhance the IMOD current data products. The winning method may eventually be applied to real data and the winners may be invited to further collaborate with the IMOD on future projects


MAFAT Radar Challenge - Can you distinguish between humans and animals in radar tracks? (July 15th, 2020)

The participants’ goal is to accurately classify whether a radar signal segment represents a human or an animal.
Prizes: $40,000


Recent developments in radar technologies allow powerful doppler-pulse radars to be developed, detecting and tracking moving objects in different areas and applications. Object classification, i.e. determination of the type of the tracked object, is essential for systems such as these. Today, the task of classifying radar-tracked non-rigid objects, such as distinguishing between humans and animals, is mostly done by human operators and requires the integration of radar and optical systems.

The Competition’s Goal

The competition’s objective is to explore automated, novel solutions that will enable the classification of humans and animals that are tracked by radar systems with a high degree of confidence and accuracy. The participants’ goal is to classify segments of radar tracks of humans or animals using the I/Q signal matrix as an input. The task at hand is a binary classification task; the tracked objects are either humans or animals.

The Data

The data is real-world data gathered from diverse geographical locations, different times, sensors, and qualities (high- and low-signal to noise ratio—SNR).

Check out our competition page in CodaLab for further information. Take me there noun_Arrow_3409349

Computer Vision (Q4 - 2018)

Fine grained classification of objects in high resolution aerial imagery. ($30,000)

Statistical Estimation

Future competition - stay tuned for updates

Geospatial Analytics

Future competition - stay tuned for updates

Natural Language Processing

Future competition - stay tuned for updates

Audio Signal Processing

Future competition - stay tuned for updates

Social Media Analysis

Future competition - stay tuned for updates